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Chairman Message

This year, we celebrate our 15th anniversary of the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (Association) and as we looking forward to the future, let me take a moment to look back our work in the past 15-years.

We can conclude the Association work for the Medical and Healthcare Device Industries (Industries) in three key phases. Firstly, the Association focus on engagement of Industries stakeholders and community, to build and promote stakeholders industries competence both locally and internationally, and as integral members of healthcare delivery, the Association provide our support and advise on policies and regulations to regulatory bodies and the HKSAR Government. These laid the fundamental groundwork for the coming development of the Association and the Industries. Secondly, in view of the ever-increasing requirements of the Industries, in order to sustain our competitiveness and nurture the industries as an important pillar of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology industries as part of the local knowledge-based economy, we have actively lining up our members with other stakeholders for collaborations, such as the HKSAR Government, universities, research institutions, technology incubators and trade organizations, to bring in more new technologies and research work into our Industries. And recent years we are enhancing the collaboration culture by integrating the support from other stakeholders into our value chain. And this is how far we have come since the corporation of the Association in 2003.

Nowadays, life and business in modern world have become more and more complex. Globalization has interlaced everyone more closely together - an event in a country can trigger a series of events at the other side of the world. Specialized equipment that only available in hospital before has become available in local clinics or even at homes with the help of technology advancement - biotechnology, bioengineering, AI, data processing, blockchain to name a few, which is progressing vastly each day. It would become harder and harder for us to acquire all the information and knowledge and develop a complete solution or product solely on one’s own.

Thus set forth, Hong Kong Medical Healthcare Device Industries Association will continue to service its Industries and fellow stakeholders building up competencies so as to sustain our role as an important pillar of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology industries, and in particular assisting our fellow Members and Stakeholders in multi-disciplinary cross-industries collaboration. We believe “Collaborative Future in Healthcare” is the key to transform the Medical and Healthcare Device Industries in Hong Kong that integrates meaningful innovations, design thinking for human centric, and our manufacturing and market expertise when provide safe and effective medical devices and services for the benefit of the public. And thanks to the effort and dedication from our preceding Executive Boards, Advisors, staffs and fellow members, the seeds that the Association sowed and nurtured for us have become the many dots for us to connect to our future.

Once again, on behalf of the Association, I would like to express our gratitude to all former Executive Board Members, Honorary Advisors and staffs who have served the Association diligently. We have elected a vibrant and professional Board of Executive Members and Advisors to lead us in the coming 2018-2019 term, working towards a Collaborative Future for Healthcare industry. Nevertheless, collaboration requires a diverse of talents and disciplines working together towards the goal, and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome interested individuals, companies and organizations to join our Association and become part of the dots for the future of the Healthcare Industry.

Martha Hao
Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association