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Chairman Message

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industry Association (Association). In the past 20 years, we witness the growth and impacts brought by MedTech especially during the pandemic. MedTech products from screening, diagnosis to treatment have been brought from hospitals to home and become part of our daily life. Let’s review what we have achieved and what we look forward to.

During the founding phase, our association focused on engaging industries stakeholders to promote the industries both locally and internationally. We also provide support and advice on policies to regulatory bodies and the HKSAR government. These anchored the association’s professional role in medical and healthcare device industries. In the next phase, we further engaged stakeholders and collaborators from universities, research institutes, technology incubators and trade organizations locally and internationally, providing training & education courses, seminars and activities on sales and marketing, regulatory and updated medical technologies to ensure that our industries are forming the important pillars of Hong Kong innovation and technology development.

Globalization has brought everyone closer than ever. The association has built a strong collaboration culture not only among members in different value chain of the MedTech industries but also across other related industries. Our Corporate members have grown significantly covering medical devices & equipment, biotechnology, telemedicine, AI, robotics, wearables, service providers, innovative MedTech start-ups and investors.

Since 2021, we started our annual flagship event, HKMHDIA MedTech Forum, which brings eminent experts and speakers in the medical and healthcare industries from all over the world for sharing your expertise, innovations and hand-on experience in regulatory, IP protection, product design, financing & manufacturing.

The HKMHDIA MedTech Forum is one of our crucial initiatives for strengthening our medical and healthcare industries and put forward our Association Theme of this new term of the Association Board, “Hong Kong as the International MedTech Hub”. This brings medical and healthcare technologies from overseas to GBA and from GBA to overseas through HK, we leverage Hong Kong’s strategic role as the innovation centre in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) which is crucial and beneficial to the medical and healthcare industries.

Our association aims to facilitate national and international cooperation in advancing the industries and ensure that safe and effective medical devices ultimately benefit the public. In the past 20 years, our association has established a good industrial reputation and a platform for connecting stakeholders in the value chain of MedTech. These are the great efforts contributed from all the former Board of Directors, panel members of various committees, honorary advisors, staff, and our esteemed members.

In particularly, on behalf of the Board, we like to express our heartful thanks to our ex-chairmen: the Founding Chair, Prof. John Mok; ex-chairs Prof. John Chai, Mr. Albert Lee, Ir. Prof. Andros Chan and Ms. Martha Hao. With your leadership and initiatives, our Association has established its unique position and achievement in the MedTech Industry in Hong Kong and Mainland.

On behalf of the association, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you including our collaboration partners and trade commissioners from different countries. Our newly elected vibrant and professional Executive Board Members, Honorary Board Members and Honorary Advisors from different backgrounds will lead us in the coming 2023-24 term. I would like to take this opportunity to invite individuals, companies and organization to join our Association to join hands to make Hong Kong as International MedTech Hub.

Dr. Lydia Leung
Chairman of 2023-2024 Executive Board