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The main objectives of forming this Association are (extracted from the objects of the Association Memorandum and Articles):

  • To represent the medical and healthcare device manufacturing and related industries in relation to promotion, lobbying and consultation to the government and relevant local and overseas organizations in the field, and seeking sponsorship and support from the government for the development of the industries.
  • To identify key areas for local support development for enhancing growth and consolidation of the said industries.
  • To facilitate connections with foreign companies and organizations in the said industries.
  • To establish and maintain the databases and networks that could enhance business contacts, communications, resources identification and business partnership.
  • To organize activities and to provide support for the members on updated market, technology and regulatory information of the said industries.
  • To enhance the clustering effect of Hong Kong manufacturers in the field of medical and healthcare device industry, hence facilitate international marketing and investment.
  • To promote medical and healthcare manufacturing for Hong Kong manufacturers and develop knowledge-based job opportunities in Hong Kong.
  • To attract local and foreign investment in medical and healthcare manufacturing in Hong Kong.
  • To facilitate and strengthen collaboration between the medical and healthcare device industry in Hong Kong and the academic institutions to nurture the industry development and the future industry leaders.
  • For the purpose of the Association, to organize talks, seminars, and related activities and services.