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The annual global medical and healthcare expenses (around USD7.5 trillion) contributes almost 10% of the world's GDP. While the average medical spending in HK is over HKD 25,000 per person a year, are these potentials tempting you to jump into the medical and healthcare industry? What are your hesitations?
To advance technologies and encourage synergies, the HK Government is allocating more resources into startups by year and expanding its coverage. With the HK startup ecosystem gradually matures, there are 3,360 startups in 2020 raising by 28% from 2018. Would these support and opportunities spark you to participate in a medical technology (MedTech) startup?
What leads us into the startup pathway?
What are the opportunities and challenges in MedTech?
What are the key elements in establishing a startup?
Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA) has invited 6 MedTech Startup Member Companies to share their experiences and stories with us — the establishment, the struggles, the challenges, the opportunities, and the achievements. Let us learn more about MedTech from our peers, and join hands in accomplishing a brighter future.
See you all at MedTecHub on 27 Oct.

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